The Green Commute Challenge

The Green Commute Challenge is a 12-week employer-based contest where employees can earn points and win prizes for using alternative forms of transportation for work trips. It is intended to take vehicles off the road during peak commute times by encouraging the use of alternatives to driving alone — carpooling, bus, bicycling, walking and telecommuting.

Air quality is most vulnerable during the summer months when heat, sunlight and emissions combine in our atmosphere to create ozone. To combat this, The Green Commute Challenge will run during the months of June, July and August every year.

Any alternative transportation trips made on Ozone Alert Days earn double points!

The only trips eligible for double points are to be logged on the day that high levels of ozone pollutants are expected. Watch for MARC News Releases to know what days are predicted to be ozone alert days. Participants will be able to log trips later in the week for that day but they won’t be doubled. (Participants are expected to be accurate and honest in reporting their alternative transportation trips.)

Green Commute Challenge Prizes and Awards

Win prizes!
After you’ve recorded trips on your Commute Calendar, you’ll be eligible for daily, weekly and monthly prize drawings!

2016 prizes include:

  • iPad mini 2
  • Fitbit Alta fitness tracker
  • $100 gift card for Door to Door Organics
  • $100 gift card to Story Restaurant
  • Car-free night on the town that includes a one night stay at a downtown hotel and movie tickets
  • Large flat screen TV

The daily prizes will be $15 gift cards for QuikTrip. The first daily prize will be awarded on Friday, June 3, 2016.

Prize winners will be notified by email and must reply within seven days to claim their prize.

Awards event

Winning teams and other participants will be recognized at an awards event after the challenge ends.

Have questions? Email us or call 816-842-7433.