About Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)

Some issues reach across the boundaries of individual communities. Often they can only be addressed by working together. We help create a community people are proud to call home.

Who we are

MARC is a nonprofit association of city and county governments and the metropolitan planning organization for the bistate Kansas City region. Governed by a Board of Directors made up of local elected officials, we serve nine counties and 119 cities. We provide a forum for the region to work together to advance social, economic and environmental progress. MARC is funded by federal, state and private grants, local contributions and earned income. A major portion of our budget is passed through to local governments and other agencies for programs and services.

What we do

The Mid-America Regional Council promotes regional cooperation and develops innovative solutions through leadership, planning and action.


  • Identify regional challenges and act as a problem-solving forum.
  • Promote consensus and commitment to regional solutions.
  • Educate and engage the public in decision-making processes.


  • Coordinate policies that guide progress in the region.
  • Develop regional plans for transportation, the environment, emergency response and more.
  • Conduct research and provide technical support to local leaders.


  • Advocate for regional issues at the state and federal levels.
  • Provide cooperative services between local governments.
  • Allocate resources for regional systems.

Our Planning Framework

In 2009, the MARC Board of Directors adopted a Strategic Planning Framework to guide MARC's work. The framework includes a regional vision, key sustainability principles and program goals for environment, transportation, community development, education, public safety, community services and effective government. MARC also developed strategies for each of these program goals

Our Regional Vision

Greater Kansas City is a sustainable region that increases the vitality of our society, economy and environment for current residents and future generations.