Employer Services

RideshareKC makes it easy for employees to find sustainable, healthy and affordable ways to work.

We provide consultations to businesses around the Kansas City region to help employees cut commuting costs, address transportation challenges that can be a barrier to getting to work on time and create cultures that encourage biking, walking, riding transit or carpooling to work.

Our team of experts has helped more than 100 companies establish programs to help their employees find easy alternatives to driving alone and keep our region’s air clean.

Commute Audit

RideshareKC will provide an in-depth custom assessment to identify the best commute options for your employees. We’ll survey your workers to learn where they live, how they get to work and identify any challenges getting to and from work. We’ll connect you with one or more of our free programs that can help address the issues we’ve uncovered together during the assessment.

Carpool Matching

Carpooling helps workers cut commuting costs and keep our region’s air clean. With our ridematching tool at RideshareKC.org, employees can form carpools with co-workers or other commuters nearby.

Outreach and Education

Invite RideshareKC to table at your next benefits fair, wellness event or staff meeting. We’re also available for on-site or virtual presentations and can provide educational materials, such as maps, brochures and toolkits.

Guaranteed Ride Home

This program ensures employees can get a ride home in the event of illness or emergency. They can simply call a cab, Uber or Lyft, and RideshareKC will reimburse up to two trips annually. More information about Guaranteed Ride Home can be found here.

Green Commute Challenge

Join some of the region’s top companies for this easy online challenge each fall. Show your environmental leadership, save money, build workplace culture, win prizes and take care of our air. Learn more about the challenge.

Telework Programs

Studies have shown that employees who telework are happier and more productive. We can help you launch, expand or improve your remote work program that works for you and your employees.

Business and Employee Benefits

  • Attract, hire and retain employees. By reducing the stress and costs associated with commuting, you’ll increase job satisfaction, productivity and morale for your employees.
  • Help your employees arrive on time. Transportation challenges can cause your employees to be late or miss work.
  • Cut commuting costs. Helping employees save money on their commute adds up to thousands each year.
  • Create a connected and environmentally conscious workplace culture. Knowing that your organization is creating a better quality of life and cleaner environment feels good for both you and your employees.
  • Reduce your organization’s parking needs. By reducing the number of single occupant vehicles arriving at your organization, you’ll reduce the demand for dedicated parking and associated maintenance costs.
  • Improve your employees’ health. Employees that use active transportation tend to be healthier and happier.

Regional Partners

Creating a sustainable transportation future for the Kansas City region is a collaborative effort. We work with local providers and organizations to support employers around the region.