Green Commute Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m having trouble with the platform. Who can I reach out to for tech support?

A: Our team at RideshareKC is happy to help with any snags you may hit along the way. Just contact us at, or at (816) 842-RIDE.

Q: How do I log trips, sign up, or create a team?

A: Check out our Green Commute Challenge About page for step-by-step instructions to get you green commuting. For questions or to report an issue with set up or trip logging, you can reach out to Natalie Phillips at

Q: My employer isn’t fielding a team, but I’d still like to participate. How can I join?

A: You can join our BikeWalkKC Community Team if you would like to participate as an individual. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Q: How do I log multimodal trips?

A: If you use more than one mode for your work commute, such as bicycle/bus or walking/bus, you may report that in the challenge, provided the bicycling or walking trip is at least one mile round-trip. Just log each leg as a separate commute trip. A new rule limits the number of trips per day to 4 total.

Q: Can I log trips to lunch or work trips during the day?

A: Carpooling to lunch? Walking to a meeting? Those trips count too. Log them like you would a regular commute trip—just add the details for that specific trip.

Q: Will I get more points if I go back to previous months and log trips?

A: Sorry, only trips taken from September 20th to October 31, 2021, will count for the Challenge. But you can still record trips any time of the year to track your savings and see how much pollution you prevent by choosing alternatives to driving alone.

Q: Can I count a hybrid or electric vehicle, moped or motorcycle trips in the Challenge?

A: Sorry, we know there is interest in reporting trips taken using these types of vehicles, but the underlying purpose of the Green Commute Challenge is to take vehicles off the road. For this reason, the Challenge is designed to highlight modes of transportation instead of the type of vehicle driven. Additionally, while hybrids, motorcycles and scooters offer excellent gas mileage, their emissions levels can vary greatly.

Additional Questions? Contact RideshareKC at or at (816)842-RIDE.