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Find Commute Partners

Find easy alternatives to driving alone with RideshareKC.

Save money, de-stress your commute and reduce emissions.

Try an alternative commute today!

No matter how good your playlist, no one enjoys being stressed out behind the wheel. Find easy alternatives to driving alone with RideshareKC. You’ll save money, de-stress your commute and help improve our air quality.

Get there with RideshareKC.

  • Find carpool partners.
  • Get bus and bike routes for your trip.
  • Log your trips to track your savings.
  • Learn about starting an employer program.

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  • Find rideshare partners
  • Log your commute on the go
  • Enter contests and win prizes

Come together to share the ride

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Check out our new promotional videos. How do you come together to share the ride?

Ride Home

Get home in case of an emergency

If you or your carpool buddy gets sick at work, learn how RideshareKC will provide a free ride home.

Options. Find a smarter, healthier way to commute.